Warren County Democratic Committee

The Warren County Democratic Committee is made up of volunteers from all over Warren County. Committee members run for election every four years and are also appointed by the Chairperson between elections. Each voting precinct in Warren County has the opportunity for two committee people. One from each gender (female and male). Currently, there are openings on the Committee for those interested in serving the Democratic Party of Warren County. Committee responsibilities include attendance at a monthly meeting (the third Thursday of every month at 6:30 pm at the Jefferson Defrees Family Center) as well as support for Democratic events and candidates. If you’re interested in becoming a Committee Member, please contact us by phone at 814-706-8343 or by email at info@warrendems.com.

City of Warren Members

The committee members from the City of Warren are shown below.

Warren County Democratic Committee - City of Warren Membership

Warren County Members

There are several seats available within various townships in the County. If you’re interested in serving with us and helping to bring the Democratic message of the working class and help lift up the disenfranchised then please contact us immediately via phone at 814-706-8343 or by email at info@warrendems.com.

Warren County Democratic Committee Members


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