2019 Democratic Candidates for Warren County, PA

This page reviews the 2019 Democratic Candidates for Statewide and Local Office in Warren County, Pennsylvania. We’ve included a downloadable flyer with more information. If you have any questions or corrections, please call 814-706-8343. Thank you for your interest in our amazing candidates!

Pennsylvania Statewide Candidates

Amanda Green-Hawkins

for Superior Court

Amanda has devoted her legal career to serving working families as attorney for labor unions. She also serves on Allegheny City Council and in dozens of PA charitable organizations. Amanda was a DNC delegate in 2016 and has volunteered her time for voter protection in elections dating back to 2008.


Judge Dan McCaffery

for Superior Court

Since 2013, Judge McCaffery has served on Philadelphia’s Court of Commonwealth Pleas. Prior, he served in the US Army, graduated from Temple Law, and spent 28 years as an attorney. Judge McCaffery is highly recommended by the PA Bar Association.


Judge Anne Lazarus

for Retention

Every ten years, Superior Court judges undergo a Yes/No retention vote on whether their term should be extended to another ten years. Judge Lazarus has been a fair and principled steward of justice for the past decade. She is an ally of workers, women, and communities of color, and she’s more than deserving of a continued term on the court.


Warren County Candidates

Jeff Eggleston for Commissioner

Warren County Commissioner, Jeff Eggleston, winner of the 2018 CCAP “Outstanding Commissioner of the Year in Pennsylvania” Award is running for re-election in 2019. Commissioner Jeff Eggleston has a proven record of hard work, forward-thinking, and leadership in the community, and will continue his commitment to improving the quality of life in Warren County as a part of a second term.

Paul Giannini for Commissioner

1995 graduate of Warren Area High School and a 2000 graduate of Penn State University with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering. Senior Systems Engineer of Information Technology (IT) for Pennsylvania General Energy with almost 20 years in the networking and technology field. Current Warren City Council Member. Vice President of the Habitat for Humanity of Warren County.

Warren City Council Candidates

Phil Gilbert for City Council

Phil Gilbert, age 37, has lived in Warren for over 25 years and served as a City Council member since 2016. He is the Director of the County Tax Claim Bureau, is President of the Warren Area Student Union, a Board Member of Habitat for Humanity, Board Member for the Farmers Market, and President of Innovault, the co-working space being introduced downtown. He lives in Warren with his son, Holden.

Gilbert Focus Areas:

Expand Farmers Market

We need more sustainable farming and healthier food options and the Farmers Market is a great source of locally grown food. Mr. Gilbert will focus on removing red tap and expanding the Farmers Market to help it thrive.

Address Sidewalks

The Pridewalk Program has helped folks pay for sidewalk repairs, but we need more. Mr. Gilbert will take the Pridewalk Program and begin aggressively targeting and repairing sidewalks throughout the City. The City needs to be proactive to address this important issue and keep our City walkable.

Supports Young Entrepreneurs

As President of Innovault, the new co-working space downtown which supports young people starting businesses, Mr. Gilbert believes it is vitally important to create more of these opportunities to help small businesses get started and become sustainable.

Doug Hearn for City Council

Doug Hearn, age 64, joined Blair Corporation in 2013 as a Senior Merchant of Blair and Scandia Woods Menswear and brought his extensive business background to the community he now loves, Warren, PA. Mr. Hearn graduated from Michigan State University, Cum Laude with a BA in Education. He serves as the Treasurer of the Warren Concert Association, on the Board of the Crary Art Gallery, and as a Sunday School Teacher at Emanuel United Church of Christ. Mr. Hearn is married to Steve Blume and has one son, two stepdaughters and 7 grandchildren.

Hearn Focus Areas:

Riverfront Redevelopment

With the move of Allegheny Outfitters and brewery and rock-climbing wall into the former Loranger Building, it is time to focus the City’s energies on a full redevelopment of the Riverfront. That would include expanding community space for gatherings, the installation of boat launches for greater access to the river and event development to promote recreation.

Neighborhood Redevelopment

Mr. Hearn believes strongly in a positive environment and concern for one’s neighbor. That’s why he’s interested in community development and offering organization and leadership to encourage safety and development. With the redevelopment challenges we face, we need to work together to make the biggest impact.

Aaron Stearns for City Council

Aaron Stearns, age 39, is a lifelong resident of the City of Warren and is involved with a variety of local charity organizations as a volunteer including the Glade Fire Department, the Boy Scouts of America, Little League (as a coach), and regularly attends as a member of Grace United Methodist Church. Aaron has a wife, Carissa, and two sons, Wyatt and James Henry.

Stearns Focus Areas:

Expand Paving

As a resident near Madison Avenue, Mr. Stearns is very familiar with the issues with Paving in the City and intends to make it his #1 priority to increase the paving budget and address potholes. This is of great concern to taxpayers and Mr. Stearns will give it his full attention.

High-Spead Internet Expansion

Warren County has one of the lowest broadband penetration rates in the State. If we’re going to grow, we need high-speed internet to develop modern businesses and draw young people back to our community. Mr. Stearns intends to work with local and regional companies to build a coalition and drawdown Federal grants to help pay for broadband expansion in the City of Warren.

Supports First Responders

As a volunteer fireman, Mr. Stearns intends to do everything he can to make sure fireman and police are properly compensated, trained and equipped to do the job.

Candidate Lists

Featured Candidate

Patrick Miniaci for Brokenstraw Township Supervisor

Patrick Miniaci has lived for over 41 years in Brokenstraw Township and has spent his life here because of the area’s community, natural beauty, and abundance of outdoor activities. He’s worked as an Industrial Engineers and retired as a Senior Manufacturing Engineer. It’s this type of education and technical ability Patrick will bring to the Supervisor’s position to benefit the residents of Brokenstraw.
As Township Supervisor, Mr. Miniaci will apply his extensive planning and organizational skills to accomplish the follow priorities:

Maintain and Improve the Condition of Township Roads

One of the fundamental responsibilities of a municipal government is the management of infrastructure and as a Supervisor, Mr. Miniaci believes his engineering background makes him uniquely qualified to survey and manage infrastructure projects in Brokenstraw. It is his intention to thoroughly evaluate every road and do everything he can to make needed repairs in as frugal and long-lasting a manner as possible.

Addressing Blight and Redevelopment

With a declining population, the Township needs leaders who’re going to take on the difficult issue of blighted property and redevelopment. It is Mr. Miniaci’s plan to coordinate with County Government and other entities to be aggressive in addressing blight and redevelopment. Every blighted property draws drugs and negative elements to our community and affects our property values. We need to clean this up with every tool at our disposal. Mr. Miniaci will make this a top priority.

Improve Broadband/High-Speed Internet

To support businesses and encourage growth, we need high-speed internet. Mr. Miniaci will work with Youngsville Television and other entities willing to collaborate to expand internet access and fight for state and federal grants that will help fund broadband buildouts. We can’t wait any longer. We need better internet access!

List of other Democratic Candidates

Position/Municipality Candidate
County Auditor Heleena Swanson
Brokenstraw Township Supervisor (6 Year) Brian Olsen
Brokenstraw Township Supervisor (2 Year) Patrick Miniaci
Columbus Township Supervisor (6 Year) Lonny Eastman
Freehold Township Supervisor (6 Year) Tom Eyler
Glade Township Auditor (6 Year) Coralee Wenzel
Pittsfield Township Auditor (6 Year) John Glenn
Pleasant Township Supervisor (2 Year) Andrew Brooks
Spring Creek Township Auditor (6 Year) Lori Weidner
Watson Township Auditor (6 Year) Deborah Crone
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